Schools and Educational Centers

School Accompaniment Program (PAE)

Our consulting division has a team provided with extensive experience in the support and advice to schools and educational centers. The performance of our consulting team focuses on the implementation of projects in areas such as strategy, improving trade and marketing activity, people and innovation.
We are partners of Fundació Tr@ms for implementation in schools and educational centers SMART SEAL as a framework of educational excellence in the areas of strategy, management, educational community, product and methodologies, communication and marketing.

School Accompaniment Program (PAE)

We accompany in the definition and implementation of the marketing strategy to improve the positioning and visibility of the company, its value proposition, and its products and services, always from a perspective of using appropriate resources and dimensioned to possibilities actual organization.

Our actions are based on the joint action of managers, responsible and teachers so that each project is geared to the specific needs and priorities that they manifest.
PAE is developed focusing on three areas.
• Marketing.
• Persons.
• Management

We enhance the visibility of the School and its ability to attract new enrolments, from marketing actions, with special emphasis on communication, in order to convey the advantages of the center in relation to the decision-making of families.
We support the development of the School’s human resources with the implementation of our “Formula sense of Teaching Person “. An innovative methodology that promotes the involvement and commitment through the generation of sense, both from the point of view of the person and from the global concept that takes the idea of ​​”building community” at school.
Economic, accounting and tax advice, aimed at the school always make the best economic decisions, ensuring compliance with all its obligations and tax accounting.
Efficient labour management is based on advice to the school in hiring people, making payroll and other labour issues that may arise, such as labour inspections or payment delegate.
The whole of our proposal to schools, in addition to our participation in the SMART SEAL and partnership agreements with groups of the sector, allow Integral to qualify as an advisory and consulting very active and with a clear presence in the educational world.