Baner Grup Integral - Cooperativas

At Integral we believe in the long-term relationship, based on trust, commitment and transparency.
Bringing value from the way we do.

Global vision

Decision-making in one area of the Cooperative often does not take into account other areas and this may later create a problem.
We assure you that from the provision of the service from any module we will always take into account the repercussions for the reality of the whole Cooperative, permanently maintaining a Global Vision.


The Cooperative will have a reference consultant facilitating communication, coordination and quality in the provision of services; ensuring that at all times each and every need is attended.


For any inquiries, your reference consultant will contact you within a maximum period of 24 hours.
However, if the consultation is very urgent, you can always count on one of our professionals who will resolve your concerns as soon as possible.

Decision support

Business management and the decision-making process is often complex to cooperatives, at Integral we understand this and therefore accompany you with an objective and professional criterion to make the best possible decisions for your Cooperative.


Because the place where “everything” happens is the Cooperative, our consultant will accompany you, whenever necessary, from its headquarters, “on site”, saving your time and always being close to action.