Our team has experts with extensive experience in accompanying and advising companies and entities, especially small and medium size. Our philosophy is based on proximity, flexibility and professional rigor.
Our advice identifies the needs of our clients implements practical and realistic solutions for each situation. All projects are led by senior consultants who have the support of more than 30 professionals in the various fields of knowledge related to the company.


• Coach Executive.
We assist people who have responsibilities in the organization to help them enhance their management skills and abilities (team management, leadership, communication, negotiation and conflict situations).
• Coach for Succession.
We accompany the process of self-succession of family businesses, from their design to direct support to everyone involved (generation happens and succeeded generation) in order to facilitate the desired family relief.
• Management teams.
Within the development process and strategic implementation, we facilitate and accompany the establishment of management teams. Defining its functions and strategic scope.


• Generation Strategic Plan and support in its implementation.
We support the elaboration of the Strategic Plan considering the business model and the proposed current and future value of the organization. We facilitate the effective deployment of the strategy through defining actions, schedules, responsibilities and implementation costs. Our consulting team to support the implementation of actions in areas such as business and marketing, finance, organizational management or process improvement.

• Dimensiona program for growing businesses in collaboration with PIMEC (includes special conditions)
As Pimec partners, we implemented the Dimensiona PIME program, designed to maximize the possibilities of optimization (focus on profitability) and business growth. This program has a special bonus for Pimec members. More information.

• Preparation of the Annual Management Plan.
From the short term, we define and accompany the deployment of Management Plans that guide company’s resources and actions towards achieving its annual objectives.


• Analysis and improvement of processes improvement, global map and job descriptions.
We document organizational processes, and define and identify processes improvements that achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity and coordination between processes and across different departments. The implementation is carried out through a participatory process with those responsible for the organization in which we collect dysfunctions and points of improvement are analysed for eventual application in the operation of each department.
To ensure consistency between the process and its operational deployment, we analyse and modify, where appropriate, the organization’s job descriptions.

• Implementation of innovation processes and development of new business lines.
We promote the generation and subsequent implementation of innovation systems that enable organizations to ensure a constant flow of new ideas, while accompanying in the realization, development and promotion of new lines of action which may include carrying out the corresponding business plan.