Commitment to the Common Good with the Social Economy


Integral we are a Cooperative that, since 1987, accompanies Catalan Cooperatives with the provision of services in the fields of labour, economic, tax-accounting, legal management, as well as expert advice in the definition of strategies, organizational management and marketing. At INTEGRAL we are convinced that we can put our experience and knowledge at the service of entities and organizations that work day after day to give shape and content to the Social Economy. And we do it within the framework of our “Commitment to the Common Good and to the Social Economy”.

Commitment 1.

INTEGRAL: A social company

INTEGRAL we are a social company, at the service of the people who are part of it, organized democratically and with the will to improve society from the economic, social and environmental fields.

INTEGRAL is committed to:

  • That means that its people are the main value and center of the Cooperative.
  • That people’s participation in decision-making is a permanent sign of their identity.
  • That the number of partners is greater than the number of workers.
  • As a Company certified by the B Corp. movement, make the necessary efforts to validate and renew this international certification.

B Corp. is an initiative of organizations and companies that build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. In the years 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 INTEGRAL has obtained the “Best for The World” award (category: working people) that recognizes the B Corp. companies around the world with the best rating within the award-winning field.

Commitment 2.

INTEGRAL: Advice / Expert Consulting in Social Economy

INTEGRAL we are recognized as a broad-spectrum advisory / consultancy, with the ability to accompany entities and respond to their needs in various areas: accounting, tax, economic-financial, labour, commercial, marketing, organizational improvement, strategic development. However, we cover the legal field thanks to Idea Iuris, within the framework of Affectio Group.

At the moment, in INTEGRAL we provide service to more than 175 Social Economy entities.

INTEGRAL is committed to:

  • Ensure that permanent and real knowledge about the social economy is maintained, so that the provision of services to its entities truly satisfies the needs that motivate it.
  • Be worthy of carrying the qualification of Social Enterprise expert in Social Economy.

Commitment 3.

INTEGRAL: Committed to the strengthening and consolidation of Social Economy entities

The strengthening and consolidation of social economy companies are key elements for economic and social development based on criteria of equality and sustainability. That is why we believe that it is necessary to ensure that Social Enterprises are consolidated within the framework of the business fabric, and grow on a solid and sustainable basis. With the will to give more content to what we are already doing, and always hand in hand with a Federation, Foundation, and other associative entities…

INTEGRAL is committed to:

  • Accompany their associated organizations and entities in their process of strengthening and consolidation, providing advisory and consultancy services with a special discount on all services provided.
  • Analyse and develop, together with the associative node, the development of projects and initiatives linked to the consolidation and strengthening of Social Economy companies.

Commitment 4.

INTEGRAL: With the Social Market

At INTEGRAL we understand that, as a Social Company that acts with social criteria, we are part of a “Social Market”, understood as a “network of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services that works with ethical, democratic, ecological and supportive criteria, constituted by companies of the social and solidarity economy together with individual and collective consumers. In this sense, we take as a reference the Solidarity Economy Network (XES) of which we are a part.

INTEGRAL undertakes to:

  • Always consider companies that actively participate in the construction of a Social Market as the preferred supplier of their needs for goods and services.
  • Exceed 50% of the value acquired in products and services over the total purchases with the possibility of choosing with suppliers belonging to the Social Market.

Commitment 5.

INTEGRAL: With Sustainability

INTEGRAL is aware of the need to continue advancing in the development of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Agenda 2030), and is committed to:

INTEGRAL undertakes to develop specific lines of action, especially in these objectives:

Goal 4. Quality teaching

INTEGRAL acts actively with the Federation of Teaching Cooperatives of Catalonia and with the Tr@ms Foundation to strengthen and improve schools in our country.

Goal 5. Gender equality

Integral is committed to treating everyone equally, regardless of their gender, beliefs or belonging.

Goal 6. Clean water and sanitation

Integral has collaborated with entities and NGOs that carry out initiatives to provide drinking water to disadvantaged communities, through the excavation and construction of wells.

Goal 8. Decent work and economic growth

Integral offers all its people working conditions and environment that facilitate their professional development within a framework of reconciling work and personal life, providing them with opportunities to grow financially and professionally.

Goal 12. Responsible production and consumption

Integral, through the consultancy firm specialized in Circular Economy G381, accompanies the Public Administration (Town Halls, County Councils and other local entities) in the definition and deployment of Circular Master Plans.