Circular Economy

Co-founders of GROUP 381 - Brands with Soul

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We understand companies as agents of social change. That’s why generate Brands with Soul, accompanying them together with their teams so that from the dialogue they are able to embrace Circular Economy with Positive Impact. We create a positive future managing change from within companies through the Principle of Co-responsibility.

Circular Economy with positive impact

GROUP 381 is a Global consultancy firm, pioneer in Spain, that defines, organizes, educates, involves, manages and co-implements the transformation of society towards a Circular Economy with Positive Impact.

Circular Economy is nowadays presented as an eminently technical model based on the waste-resource binomial. However, we cross this model with human emotions and we enable that people reflect on their transition to social, economic, cultural and environmental circularity. We work to be a reference in knowledge that develops business models, products and services economic, social and environmentally sustainable.

We believe that Circular Economy is a REASON, full of EMOTION that makes SENSE.

Raining and knowledge services

• Basic model of technical workshop and CIRCULAB. Introduction to Circular Economy. Transformation towards circular processes. Eco-design of products and services. Real cases. Business Models Introduction. Circulab Business Game.

• Broad range models developed ad hoc. Awareness and Transformation by means of active workshops in the middle of nature and creative fostering places.

Consulting services

We want to be part of our client’s team.

• Technical, we turn you Circular, globally and at product level.

• Coaching for Transformation. Facilitation. Dialogue. Co-responsibility principle. Integral Change Management.

• Marketing and communication based on our Building Community model.

Services towards society

• We create products and services to promote lifestyle changes. Monitoring social expectations and trends. Creating broad comprehensive proposals for citizen participation and co-creation.

• Social education. Gamification processes. Creative Co-participation with innovative agents.

Our team

We have wide experience in building and invigorating Communities, Strategic Communication, Environmental Management, Social Responsibility and accompaniment of transformative processes. We formulate an integrated strategy to facilitate the transition to Circular Economy. We incorporate into our project team, engineers expert in environmental improvement and development of concepts inspired on Eco-design, Eco-Innovation and Circular Economy as the best instruments, from the brands, in the fight against Climate Change.