Our team has experts with extensive experience in accompanying and advising companies and entities, especially small and medium size. Our philosophy is based on proximity, flexibility and professional rigor.
Our advice identifies the needs of our customers by implementing practical and realistic solutions for each situation. All projects are led by senior consultants who have the support of more than 30 professionals specialized in the various fields of knowledge related to the company.

Commercial activity

• Improvement sales and commercial activity.
We define concrete and practical strategies using the tools to improve sales, management and customer segmentation, generating sales pitches and refocusing of the portfolio of products and services based on criteria profitability and turnover.
• Restructuring the commercial department and focus on business goals.
We work closely with the company management and the head of the commercial department to identify areas for improvement related to proactive action to facilitate the achievement of business goals, such as attracting new clients, generating business opportunities, or entry into new markets and sales channels.
• Revitalization of commercial team.
We accompany commercial teams to improve the efficiency of their actions, through a structure that allows proper coordination and boost their proactivity and responsiveness to generate business opportunities, ensure monitoring and improving the chances of success.
• Remuneration systems specific to the commercial department.
We design objective variable remuneration systems that allow win – win relationships for the company and its sales team, thereby ensuring that the department’s pay mass aligns with the results of turnover, margin and generating new business for the company.


• Marketing strategy
We accompany in the definition and implementation of the marketing strategy to improve the positioning and visibility of the company, its value proposition, and its products and services, always from a perspective of using appropriate resources and dimensioned to possibilities actual organization.

• Value proposition and refocus of communication and marketing.
We help the organization identify and / or refocus its value proposition, and focus its messages on communication and marketing actions, considering the specific characteristics and needs of customers and target markets