Affectio Team


Integral is a Barcelonian advisory and consultancy company,created in 1987, that brings specialized solutions in the economically and organizational development areas, always having a global vision of the organizations and markets in which they operate.

Integral promotes the adequacy of organizational systems, methods and people, to the adaptation needs of the company. Needs arising from internal and external development factors that cause both short-term and long-term changes

Our Mission
Integral, through the provision of professional quality business services, aims to offer the persons that belongs to our team a place where they can build their own way, assuming as essential elements: teamwork, the deep conviction that only the work well done is useful and the absolute loyalty to the collective work that day after day we must build.

Our Principles of Action
The needs of the organization as a reference in the customization of solutions.
The application of innovative methodologies and technologies that let us operate in a continuous changing environment.
A strategic vision of the company as a way to anticipate the future.
A multidisciplinary intervention in the face of complex realities.

Economic division

The central objective of INTEGRAL’s accompaniment is to make easier to take Economic, financial and fiscal decisions, to be informed and aware. The management of an economic activity requires precise knowledge of Economic situation (Revenues and costs) as Financial situation (considering needs in the short and long term). The first step is a correct confection of accounting. A well-crafted accounting also allows Planning and compliance with Fiscal obligations.
INTEGRAL knows that beyond the data in the Operating Account, Balance Sheet and Tax Returns, is the need to manage, so accompanied, walking next to the people who make decisions, providing them with information and help in understanding what they need to know while offering a permanent support in their performances.

Consulting division

Our consulting division has an expert team with extensive experience in the support and advice to companies and organizations. The performance of our team consultant facilitates the implementation of projects in areas such as strategy, improving trade and marketing activity, people and innovation.
We are specialized in advising small and medium sizes enterprises, often the family members, schools and educational centers, as well as cooperatives and entities of the social economy.
Since 2005, we are partner of PIMEC for strategic and commercial revitalization of its affiliated companies. We are also the partner of Fundació Tr@ms for the implementation in schools and educational centers of the SMART Seal (Tr@ms, Integral and UOC) as part of educational excellence in the areas of strategy management, educational community, product and methodologies, communication and marketing