Schools and Educational Centers

Implementation of the SMART SEAL

Our consulting division has a team provided with extensive experience in the support and advice to schools and educational centers. The performance of our consulting team focuses on the implementation of projects in areas such as strategy, improving trade and marketing activity, people and innovation.
We are partners of Fundació Tr@ms for implementation in schools and educational centers SMART SEAL Sello SMART as a framework of educational excellence in the areas of strategy, management, educational community, product and methodologies, communication and marketing.

Implementation of the SMART SEAL (co- creation Fundació Tr@ms - Entity validator UOC)

We assist schools during the SMART SEAL implementation process and accreditation, which is to establish a common framework to promote in schools a high level of educational quality and innovation from a global perspective of action. SMART SEAL.
Areas that develop on the SMART SEAL:

• Educative community.
Facilitate the involvement and motivation of the teaching team, displaying important aspects such as training, autonomy in the development of activities as well as well as the management knowledge and relationship with the school or educational center, in a context of improvement and participation.

• The students.
Comprehensive students support, quality training, integration of values ​​and availability of work environments help the participation and creativity of the students.

• Society.
Strengthening the relationship of the school with society and its stakeholders to ensure fluency in communication and active presentation of the differentiators and value elements that the school brings in areas where impact is generated. The deployment of the various lines of action provides the school proposed position itself as the best alternative in the choice of families.

• Product and methodologies.
Improving educational quality of the school, and integration in the skills and abilities that the student needed to adapt and take advantage of the opportunities a dynamic environment, promoting educational innovation and use of technology and languages ​​comprehensively.