Business and marketing

Integral is recognized as one of the reference entities in cooperative and social economy sphere. Our consulting division is an expert in advising cooperatives and their governing councils. We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the support and advice to cooperatives from a perspective based on proximity, participation and flexibility.

Commercial activity

• Improvement sales and commercial activity.
We define concrete and practical strategies using the necessary tools to improve sales, management and customer segmentation. We support the generation of sales pitches and the refocusing of the portfolio of products and services based on criteria of profitability, turnover and future commercial interests.
• Marketing strategy.
We support the definition and implementation of the marketing strategy to improve the positioning and visibility of the cooperative, its products and services (value proposition), while maintaining a perspective of using appropriate resources and sized to the real possibilities of the cooperative.
• Value proposition and refocus of communication and marketing.
We help the organization to and / or refocus its value proposition, and focus its messages on communication and marketing actions, considering the specific characteristics and needs of its customers and market.


• Definition of the strategic plan and support in the implementation process.
We assist cooperatives in developing their strategic plan, defining its objectives from participatory processes that allow the involvement of partner people, helping to value the central feature that identifies the cooperative society.

• Preparation of the Annual Management Plan.
Focused on the cooperative’s action in the short term, we support the definition and deployment of annual roadmaps that allow to guide resources and actions towards the achievement of the objectives approved by the Assembly.


• Implementation of innovation processes and development of new business lines.
We promote the generation and subsequent implementation of innovation systems that allow the cooperative to ensure a constant influx of new ideas, while accompanying in the concreteness, development and promotion of new lines of action including the realization of its Business Plan.

Strategy and Territorial revitalization

• Aracoop Cooperative Program and Ateneus.
We accompany the implementation of territorial programs structures linked to cooperatives and social economy (Program Aracoop and Ateneos Cooperativos) in order to spread, extend, strengthen and renew the sector.
• Sectorial and territorial studies of cooperative tissue.
We conduct studies that provide insight into sectorial and territorial reality, facilitating the planning of actions to improve the cooperative tissue.
• Realization of the Master Plan / Strategic Plan of the territory.
We accompany the territories in defining its Master Plan / Strategic and in its implementation through a process of territorial agreement that considers its stakeholders. We generate viable and operational action plans in order to strengthen and streamline the cooperative sector.
• Revitalization of concerted processes- local agents.
We accompany processes of revitalization of spaces participated by local actors (economic and social) to generate synergies and stimulate local economic growth, based on the perspective provided by the present potential cooperative reality.
• Accompaniment in the professionalism and growth of the cooperative tissue – priority sectors.
We design processes of professionalization and improvement of the cooperative fabric of the territories, through specific actions in organizations linked to sectors of particular interest to the respective territories.
New trends in cooperative development of tissue: Circular Economy.