Accounting, Economic-Financial and Fiscal Accompaniment

The central objective of INTEGRAL’s accompaniment is to make easier to take Economic, financial and fiscal decisions, to be informed and aware. The management of an economic activity requires precise knowledge of Economic situation (Revenues and costs) as Financial situation (considering needs in the short and long term). The first step is a correct confection of accounting. A well-crafted accounting also allows Planning and compliance with Fiscal obligations.
INTEGRAL knows that beyond the data in the Operating Account, Balance Sheet and Tax Returns, is the need to manage, so accompanied, walking next to the people who make decisions, providing them with information and help in understanding what they need to know while offering a permanent support in their performances.
INTEGRAL It is a cooperative that annually accompanies more than one hundred cooperatives. We know well what your needs are. We know that good corporate governance is essential to meet and develop their nature as a company of people.

Confection of Accounting (The first step)

The first aim of our support is to ensure the proper preparation of accounting. It is essential, if accounting information is incorrect or delayed, management will be seriously resented.
Of course, accounting will also allow compliance with legal and fiscal obligations of the activity.
Cooperatives, by the special nature of their form of distribution of income and the allocation of cooperative and extra-cooperative returns must be particularly vigilant to be successful accounting from an expert guide.

Economic Situation and Decision Making

Billing, revenue involved I cost generation. Understanding the relationship between income and costs and their dynamics, i.e. how expenditures evolve according to revenue, is essential to develop a real management activity.
Accompanying economic decision-making is part of our core action.
In Cooperatives economic decisions often involve the intervention of a group of people, Assembly, Governing Board, Management Team. We are experts accompany these groups. Is our natural way of accompanying.

Financial Position and Decision Making

If the economy is the engine of activity, funding is the lubricant that allows you to keep moving.
Knowing and understanding the financial dynamics, allows maintaining a proactive attitude, anticipating needs and, when necessary, facing in the best conditions the banking negotiation. Our support includes being present in it.
Cooperativism becomes available for new and better sources of funding from the development of Ethical Finance. Often already we know we interact with them.

Fiscal planning

The activity management, secured correctly making economic and financial decisions, also includes Planning Fiscal understood as minimizing tax costs adding savings to a correct taxation, without leaving loose ends.
The existence of its own and exclusive tax legality of cooperatives advises that always their tax planning is carried out with and expert guidance.

Tax management and settlement

Tax management and settlement materializes fiscal decisions. Its incorrect completion can lead to serious repercussions.
Our support includes the settlement of all types of taxes, VAT, corporate, income, etc., in accordance with the legislation in force at all times.

Integration into Management Teams

Our support reaches its best expression through our integration into the Management Team of the Organization.
Sharing and contributing our expertise in both operational decisions and the strategic decisions. Adding up and multiplying together.
The development of our task working side by side with teams: Governing Council, Management Team, is part of our natural habitat and is a place where it is especially appreciated.

Start of Activity / Launch of new projects

The launch of new activities as well as the launch of new products or the approach of new major projects is moments that require a particular global perspective, such as that of the development of a Viability Plan.
Economics, Finance and Market requires a proper combination to realize new ideas.
Our support is ready to respond to this with special intensity. We have participated many times in them.
We are particularly proud to have been with many cooperatives practically since its first minute of life.