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Integral is a Consultancy firm from Barcelona created in 1987 that has been providing specialized solutions in the fields of organizational and economic development, always involving a global vision of the organizations and the markets that they operate in.

favors the adaptation of organizing systems, methods and people to the current needs of the company. These needs are derived from the internal and external evolutionary factors that bring about short and long term changes.

Our mission
Through the provision of professional and management quality services, Integral aspires to offer those who conform it a place where they can build their own path, assuming as essential elements: teamwork, the profound conviction that only a well done job is useful and the absolute loyalty to the collective piece that day after day must be built.

Our action principles
The needs of the organization are our reference to the personalization of solutions.
The application of innovative methods and technologies to act in an environment of continuing evolution.
A strategic vision of the company in order to anticipate the future.
A multi disciplinary intervention before complex realities.

Avda. Diagonal 442-Bis 2ª & 4ª Planta 08037 Barcelona (Spain)

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